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The ability to quickly locate problem areas, analyze crop maturity, and count crops allows farmers the ability to automatically focus on the areas that need attention instead of spending countless hours pinpointing what those areas might be. It takes the guessing out of their job and allows them the opportunity to clearly see the condition of their crops.

Depending on the need of the farmer, our analysis can include a visual inspection, elevation modeling, plant counting, moisture analysis, and health & erosion analysis. And with infrared technology Quad-A Concepts can also analyze plant physiology and maturity as well as yield forecasting.

In essence, aerial observation is helping farmers see a larger return on their investment in the shortest amount of time than ever before.

Every farmer’s needs are different based on the requirements of the land given its location and geographic reference. Quad-A Concepts is committed to customizing our services to fit any and every one of those needs.

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