5 Reasons Virtual Tours Are a Worthy Investment

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For the competitive industry of real estate, being able to share an unforgettable experience for a potential buyer in a limited amount of time is not only crucial, it is what sets you apart from your competitors. You’re not just selling a home, you’re selling a lifestyle, dreams, and a sense of accomplishment. There might be a million ways to impress your clientele, however, in a tech-savvy world, the ability to present a potential buyer with a virtual experience at the tip of their fingers creates an environment for the buyer to push your property from a “potential candidate” to a “must see”. It’s no secret that wide angle photos don’t always support proper context or realistic perspectives, but investing in virtual tours is much more than giving context. Here are 5 reasons virtual tours are worth the investment and can enhance your ROI. 

1. An Unforgettable Experience 

79% of repeat buyers and 84% of first time buyers use the internet to search for a home. If you think about it, that concept alone is not always conducive for making the most informed decision about such a large investment. Instead of reaching out to a trusted agent first, the search begins on their own, and the house of their dreams may seem like a needle in a haystack. One bad photo (or even a poor angle of a room) could deter a buyer from inquiring further about a home that could fulfill their entire wish list. With technology at the source of everything we do, it’s important to give the potential buyer a virtual experience that is comparable to one they would have walking through the front door. The only true way to do that is through a 360 virtual tour. Being able to explore from room to room as they please from the comfort of their home allows a buyer to be better informed prior to meeting with the real estate agent, which in turn will save time during the buying process.

2. Capture Customers in Remote Locations

The age of remote working and living is upon us. It’s not uncommon to meet potential buyers who work in one city and live in another or contractors who have clients all over the world and are able to live in the city of their choice. Selling to remote buyers can be difficult. They can feel as though they are shooting in the dark. As a real estate agent, it may also be difficult to get a handle on an individual’s preferences or must-haves. With the help of virtual tours, a remote buyer is able to narrow down their search from a remote location faster than they would be able to if all they had to rely on were still images. This will, in turn, save time and resources for an agent or broker when the buyer visits their desired location to make a final decision. 

3. Stay Ahead of Your Competitors

A real estate listing with a virtual tour will receive 50% more views than a competitor’s site without a virtual tour. Real estate is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Searching for opportunities to stand out is a never-ending journey. With the ability to view accurate context and perspective with virtual tours, as an agent, it means you are being transparent with your potential buyers. Every agent wants their property to appear desirable and catch a buyers eye, but many times in person the buyer can feel as though they were fooled by a well-taken photo if the home doesn’t measure up. Adding credibility and trust to your marketing and selling process will ensure longevity and buyer satisfaction long term. 

4. Shareability 

On a typical day, more than six million people view virtual tours. But this is just the beginning. If you consider that social networking has a part to play (which it does) we can only assume a large percentage of that six million share and repost virtual tours with other potential buyers or brokers. To have a community of people who are not only consuming, but engaging with this powerful tool creates a dynamic in which the marketing and promotion of the home goes beyond what the agent or broker could do on his/her own. Wouldn’t you like to have something working for you while you’re sleeping?

5. No Longer an Option

In essence, there are many reasons to utilize virtual tours as a marketing tool. However, the most important one, thus far, is that it is simply no longer an option. 54% of home buyers, who are searching for their next home on realtor.com, will skip over listings that do not provide virtual tours and multiple images. The average age of a first time home buyer is between 32 and 34, most of which are accustomed to doing in-depth online research about investments prior to inquiring about them. If there is a lack of information, there is a higher risk for moving on to a different search. As interactive technology progresses, expectations become higher and tolerance for the absence of it decreases.

Virtual tours are undoubtedly a powerful value-add tool to reach potential buyers on a higher level and at a faster pace. If you wish to share this interactive experience with your clientele, Quad-A Concepts has the tools and expertise to help you reach a higher audience and increase your ROI.

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